What do we do?: Lost all keys?


Lost keys?

Around the ignition switch of many motorbikes, there is a plastic ring (The immobilizer ring). This ring contains a receiver which reads the (chip)key and communicates with the ECM/ECU-unit (or dashboard if it's a Aprilia or Ducati motorcycle).
If you have one working key, we can provide you with more immobilizer keys. You can get the keys from your (brand)dealer or from Carmo.
If you have lost all keys it is impossible to make new keys work.
Or is it?

Send your ECU-unit/Immobilizer ring or dashboard (depends on the brand) to Carmo electronics and we will make the new (chip)keys work! Everything will work as it originally did, including the immobilizer and the light on your dashboard.
So there's no need to buy expensive new ECU/ECM-units or a new dashboard.

Send the following items to Carmo electronics:
-ECM/ECU-unit of your motorcycle (Immobilizer ring for Yamaha, dashboard for Ducati/Aprilia motorcycles)
-One or two new chipkeys (or we can order them for you)
-Copy of your original purchase papers

Within 3 days we will send everything back!


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